Treadmills & exercise bikes. I love makeshift home gyms. Give me some headphones and a good song and I'm gone for a while.


Live sports. College basketball, hockey, baseball, college softball. Any sport with competitive athletes will do.


Florence + the Machine, Sam Smith, and Norah Jones. Any song I can feel in my chest is a good one.


My handsome husband.
Our love is fun and forever. We spend a lot of time playing with our sweet pup, Nelly.


Hi! I'm Alexis, a Sport Business Management graduate and a cool way. When I'm not working, you can find me playing with my dog, watching my husband coach hockey, or curled up in bed watching Will and Grace for hours on end. I started Alexis Romeril Coaching to serve the job seeking community for the most affordable price. I'm passionate about the fact that everyone deserves a fair chance to land their dream job. I work closely with my clients to help them understand their value to companies.  Your skills are important to employers, remember that! Whether we are working one-on-one together or you're part of the Bold Professionals Network, I promise to give you every ounce of my knowledge. I'm genuinely excited to connect with you and launch your career to the next level!

CEO of my own life

1. What's your favorite interview outfit?

Black pants, red shirt, taupe heels

2. What's the first thing you look for on a resume?

My favorite thing in the world...action verbs!

3. What's the best part of your job?

Helping people reach their goals!

4. What's one thing at the top of your bucket list?

Write a book!

5. What's the most important part of an interview?

Confidence! And a genuine smile.

6. What's your #1 tip about applying for a job?

Try to apply within your network